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… The mares which carry me, as far as ever my heart may desire, Were escorting me, when they brought and placed me on the resounding road. Of the goddess, which carries through all places the man who knows. On it I was carried; for on it the well-discerning horses; Were straining the chariot and the maidens were leading the way.

(Parmenides, The way of truth)


Therefore the vehicle had in the greek antiquity his importance already. These days it does not get drawn by horses and still less controlled by wise mares, but it has not lost his meaning. The barrow, which was drawn by horses, has been developed to an engine-driven vehicle, which cannot be thought away of our everyday life, even if practical transportation, status symbol or item of a collecting passion. The latter is also for our company of big importance – even a passion!


Thereby the becoming not stopping!